Pursuit XRs columns

The principle competition for Pursuit XRs comes from other modern 100A class silica based HPLC materials. These products include such brands as Luna, Inertsil, Zorbax, Symmetry and Sunfire.

In comparison to other 100A materials on the market, your customers will find the Pursuit XRs has outstanding resolution. The high bonding density combined with high surface area 100A pore silica will provide better peak shape and improved selectivity resulting in higher resolution than the competition. You can see a demonstration of XRs' separation power using a complex mix of 14 related components below:

TCAs and Benzos mix on Pursuit XRs C18, benchmark phases, SunFire C18, and hybrid C18 phases

Columns: Listed on chromatograms
Dimensions: 150 x 4.6 mm, 5 Ám (all columns)
Mobile Phase: A: H2O + 0.1% HCOOH, B: CH3CN + 0.1% HCOOH
Gradient: 30% - 40% B in 15 min, hold at 40% B for 15 min
Flow Rate: 1.0 mL/min
Temperature: Ambient
Detection: 254 nm
Sample: 1. 7-Aminoclonazepam, 2. 7-Aminoflunitrazepam, 3. Nordoxepin, 4. Doxepin, 5. Desipramine, 6. Imipramine, 7. Nortriptyline, 8. Amitriptyline, 9. Trimipramine, 10. Clomipramine, 11. Nordiazepam, 12. Clonazepam, 13. Flunitrazepam, 14. Diazepam

The advanced bonding chemistries will benefit your customers by providing robust and reliable columns. In stability studies, where Pursuit XRs columns were subjected to continuous operation in pH 1.5 and pH 10 mobile phases, no decrease in performance was observed - even after 60 days of round-the-clock operation.

pH stability of Pursuit XRs C18

No evidence of column bleed or phase collapse was discovered. These same advances in column technology radically increase column endurance even under demanding ballistic gradient conditions. The data prove that in more than 5000 sample injections in DMSO, Pursuit XRs shows no evidence of degradation.

Mechanical Stability of Pursuit XRs C18 in a Ballistic Gradient Environment

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