Objections and FAQs

This page lists some of the common questions and concerns that your customers will approach you with - often as a result of talking to competitors - and how best to respond to these enquiries.

Pursuit XRs columns

Q. What is the pH range?
A. C18 and C8 phases are tested for stability at pH 1.5 and 10.0. See Technology.

Q. What is the pore size, carbon load and surface area?
A. See Technology.

Q. How do I develop methods with the Pursuit XRs?
A. Use the same methods development schemes common to all reverse phase materials.

Q. What configurations is Pursuit XRs available in?
A. Click here for a list of standard configurations. Other configurations maybe
available on a 'special run' basis.

Q. What is the price for a Pursuit XRs column?
A. The SAP system has the current pricing for all products. The pricing level of XRs is equal to Polaris and Pursuit. These prices are in line with the competitions nearest equivalent material.


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