Click here for the 900-LC Series PIB.

Click here for a PowerPoint presentation that introduces the Varian 920-LC in detail.

The Varian 920-LC analytical high performance liquid chromatograph is a fully integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested system. Designed to get your customers quickly up and running, the automated Varian 920-LC is easy to customize, install and use.

The Varian 920-LC delivers:

  • Fast LC
  • Superb analytical performance
  • Industry-leading detection limits
  • Reliability
  • System robustness
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Maximized uptime
  • Flexible configurations
  • Simple, productivity-boosting software.

The Varian 920-LC has specifications to satisfy the most discerning buyer - high performance quaternary analytical pump, low carry-over, high precision autosampler, sensitive UV or PDA detection, stable thermal control with the optional oven and sensitive and selective second detectors including RI, fluorescence and ELSD. With the latest version of Galaxie, the system is easy to use, with all the features and versatility that an environmental or pharmaceutical customer could desire. 

Of equal importance are the other components in the Varian line that are relevant to the HPLC customer's application - sample preparation consumables, industry leading columns and quality service and qualification processes.

Finally, via Galaxie, the customer can be confident about data transferability/compatibility to other leading edge Varian technologies, from AA to NMR.


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