Click here to view a Varian 920-LC Technical Overview PowerPoint presentation.

Features and benefits

  • Fast LC, via rapid and reproducible gradient formations, low carry-over autosampler, sensitive detectors and new sub 3 Ám columns, provides speedy method development, reduced solvent consumption and increased sensitivity.
  • Dual-piston, low pressure, quaternary gradient solvent delivery system provides virtually pulse-free solvent flow, reducing noise at the detector and improving detection limits.
  • Precision proportioning valves deliver rapid, accurate and reproducible gradients for maximum productivity.
  • Built-in vacuum Degasser eliminates bubbles, maintaining pump prime and improving reliability.
  • Sample injection is synchronized with piston position improving gradient run retention time reproducibility.
  • External needle wash and needle-in-flow path design eliminates sample-to-sample contamination.
  • UV-Vis detector features deuterium and quartz-halogen lamps with highlight throughput optics, ensuring low noise and excellent linearity across the wavelength range.
  • PDA detector features advances double-beam optics design minimizing noise and drift, ensuring excellent performance and superb reproducibility.

Click here for a Technology Discussion Paper (Word document).


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