Why is the new HPLC an integrated system instead of a modular system?

Some of the best selling HPLC systems in the world such as the Waters Alliance are based upon an integrated design concept. Varian has extended the integrated concept to include detection and column heating as well as solvent delivery and injection to provide a truly integrated HPLC. An integrated system can be pre-plumbed, pre-configured and pre-tested as a system giving:

  • True plug and play operation with a single power cable and Ethernet communication cable the only wiring required to install a working system
  • Optimum flow path and interconnectivity to maximise performance, reproducibility and minimise dead volume
  • Guaranteed consistent performance
  • Improved reliability with a system level Instrument Maintenance Software (IMS) that records usage of each component and provides advanced warning for items approaching the end of their useful lifetime
  • Simpler maintenance as the stack does not have to be dismantled to access the solvent delivery system and all wetted parts and user maintainable items are easily accessible from the front panel
  • Ease of use as the software is designed for the system providing a consistent interface to each of the solvent delivery, injector and detection modules eliminating repetition and redundancy associated with modular systems

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Last updated: 09 November 2009
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