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The Varian 940-LC analytical to preparative high performance liquid chromatograph is a fully integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested system. The automated Varian 940-LC delivers the complete analytical to process scale HPLC solution.

Features include:

  • Fast, easy scale-up from analytical to preparative HPLC
  • Flexible configurations
  • Unmatched concentration range
  • Versatile detection
  • Superb, practical fraction collection
  • Simple, productivity-boosting software.

The Varian 940-LC is the next generation in a long line of leading preparative LC products from Varian. This generation builds on the rock-solid reliability and flow versatility of the previous systems - then adds automation to improve productivity with modern data control for documentation. New column switching devices, autosampler and fraction collection components allow for extended unattended operation to produce more material, more reliably.

The Varian 940-LC has two levels:

  • An analytical to preparative system for scale-up work
  • A dedicated preparative level unit for small-scale laboratory preparative work.

These chromatographs start with 25 or 100 mL/min heads, UV detection and a variety of injection options from manual to automated. The new, reliable fraction collector is fully integrated with software control to provide seamless reliability and full documentation of collected fractions.

The Varian 940-LC has an extensive range of consumables, packing media and optional column formats. Particularly relevant are the matched analytical to preparative scale-up columns that allow very easy method development. Customers can be confident we can supply them with separations for any process scale.


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