The Varian 940-LC is a fully featured, premium performance instrument, with state-of-play software for control and data processing. The major differentiations from most vendors is that Varian supplies the full solution from sample preparation to service, and all components are at the highest level of competitive performance.  

For the pharmaceutical customer, no other vendor offers analytical to process scale-up in as complete a fashion as Varian, with leading edge consumables and associated NMR, dissolution and MS technologies.

If you think about HPLC technology categories in terms of flow rate from highest to lowest, the Varian 940-LC is positioned in the red areas below:

Process Prep Semi-Prep Analytical UPLC Microbore Capillary Nano
1 L/min   1 mL/min       1 nL/min

When is the Varian 940-LC analytical to semi-prep systems appropriate?

  • For purification using using 10 mm, 21.2 mm or 41.4 mm ID columns and flow rates up to 100 mL/min select a Varian 920-LC semi-prep HPLC
  • When purifying larger scale samples by overloading 21.2 mm or 41.4 mm ID columns, select the Varian 920-LC prep system with through pump injector option
  • When the instrument will be used mostly for analytical HPLC work but some purification of samples for further characterization is occasionally required such as in Food or Agricultural or Academic laboratories
  • When purification of mg amounts of materials is required
  • For automated scale up from analytical an analytical based separation up to semi-prep (<100 mL/min) scale purification

When are modular systems appropriate

  • For simple manual configurations choose from the wide range of Varian's HPLC modules such as in university teaching laboratories
  • Dedicated routine isocratic analyses
  • Bio-inert applications which require fully inert PEEK or titanium flow path

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