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Features and benefits

  • Up to four solvents can be primed in the software-controlled Scale-Up Module, which automatically switches between analytical and preparative columns for easy and reliable transition.
  • Integrated autosampler accommodates 200 x 2 mL vials or 3 x 96 format wellplates for unattended operation.
  • External needle wash and needle-in-flow path design eliminates sample-to-sample contamination.
  • Fraction collector accommodates a range of containers and racks, including autosampler racks for collect and re-inject capabilities, to meet all customer needs.
  • Pumps deliver isocratic or gradient operation from 10 ÁL/min to 200 mL/min and up to 6000 psi allowing use of small particle packing materials.
  • Optional titanium and PEEK pump heads enable ultra inert work for increased versatility.
  • Dual pathlength flow cells extend UV and PDA detector absorbance ranges from detection limits to 80 Abs for greater sensitivity; and they don't need to be changed when moving from analytical to preparative operation.








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