Evaporative light scattering detection delivers:

  • Universal detection
  • Compatibility with gradient elution
  • More uniform response
  • Complementary to LC-MS
  • Eliminates derivatization steps in analytical methods

PL-ELS 2100 additional features

  • High sensitivity for semi-volatile compounds
  • Low temperature operation for 100% water up to 5ml/min
  • Low dispersion
  • Excellent baseline stability across solvent gradient
  • DMSO transparency
  • Excellent uniformity across a solvent gradient
  • Compatible with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
  • Rapid equilibration
  • Easy to use

PL-ELS 2100 Ice additional features

  • Integrated Cooled Evaporator provides sub-ambient temperature operation even for 100% water
  • High sensitivity for low boiling point compounds
  • Rapid heating and cooling of evaporation tube to increase sample throughput

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