The upgraded Varian ProStar 325 LC detector delivers:

  • Superb sensitivity
  • Low noise
  • Wide wavelength range of 190 nm to 900 nm
  • Information rich detection with the optional dual wavelength ratio capability
  • Provides the widest dynamic with dual path length flowcell range from 50 mAu up to 70 Au
  • Easy scale-up from microbore to preparative LC applications with a single detector

And with Varian's philosophy of continual improvement, the ProStar 325 has got better!

Summary of new features  

  • New firmware with real time dual-wavelength ratio capability
    • Suited to everybody who needs wavelength ratio capabilities for monitoring peak purity
  • Improved robustness in network environments
  • Robust algorithm for detector saturation handling under low light conditions
    • Clearer indication of when the detector is saturated due to high absorbance
  • Enhanced Star and Galaxie drivers
    • Comprehensive overhaul of software
    • Easier to use
    • More consistent and more information
  • Improved linearity with dual UV/Vis lamp operation
    • Addition of attenuator to Vis lamp  house significantly reduces stray light in the UV when operating Vis lamp
  • Manual wavelength, relay and autozero control during runs
    • Significant enhancement of flexibility especially during method development
  • Improved performance of analog out channels
    • Resolution improved to 24 bit using DSP technology
    • Ability to set different attenuation factors for channel 1 and channel 2 in single wavelength mode
    • New scaling factor for digital and analog outputs
    • Better peak detection at low concentration
    • Eliminated negative offsets in analog out channels for improved interfacing to 3rd party data systems
  • Increased functionality on Handheld PC
  • Detector calibration enhanced
    • Set detector calibration on demand
    • Notification of detector calibration requirement
  • Improved method end time handling
  • Added TCP/IP configuration serviceability
  • Improved GLP compliance
    • Lamp performance monitoring
    • Detector calibration time stamping
    • Improved functionality and robustness of Verify software

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Last updated: 09 November 2009
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