The ProStar 335 Diode Array Detector is a completely new product designed and built by Varian, Inc., Melbourne to replace the current ProStar 330 Diode Array Detector.  Since the ProStar 335 shares much of the same hardware as the ProStar 325, ordering additional parts and accessories will be simplified as this reduces the number of extra parts between the two detectors.

  • The ProStar 335 can be ordered as a single array (microbore to analytical) or dual array (analytical to preparative) for extended absorbance range.
  • The ProStar 335 can monitor all wavelengths simultaneously from 190 nm to 950 nm with a deuterium lamp for the UV range or in the visible range with a quartz halogen lamp.
  • The ProStar 335 has significantly improved signal to noise for all applications compared to the ProStar 330. Against our competitors, Waters and Agilent, the ProStar 335 ranks in the top for noise at ± 1.0 x 10-5 AU
  • Programmable slit widths (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 nm) for optimizing noise or optical resolution.
  • Data from the ProStar 335 can be collected via one of these 4 ways:
  • through an Ethernet communication cable directly to the PC
  • through an Ethernet communication cable through an Ethernet switch
  • through an analog cable to the Star 800 MIB
  • through an analog cable to the internal pump CIM
  • The functions of the ProStar 335 are controlled by Galaxie CDS/WS or Star WorkStation through Ethernet communications.
  • Peak Purity Parameter calculations, Multicomponent Analysis (MCA), and Spectral Library searches  in Star Workstation are performed with the use of PolyView2000 spectral processing software
  • Peak Purity and Spectral Library searches in Galaxie.

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Last updated: 09 November 2009
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