What's New in HPLC Service and Support

September 2010 Updates



Qualification Protocol for the L&L laboratory scale prep LC columns
Varian HPLC PIF, the new place for updates
general PIB relating to Tech Support E-mail address change

Addition of Prep software LCResponder 6.00.78T-DEMO HPLC
Addition of Prep software LCResponder 6.00.78T-DEMO BIO
Addition of Quick Tuner which is used to tune the SD2 pumps

August 2010 Updates


LC-201001 900-LC price changes and obsolete parts

July 2010 Updates


DH-P-201005 Galaxie Scheduler 2010
DH-F-201003 Discontinued Galaxie Parts
DH-F-201004 New lead for Galaxie Database
DH-F-201006 Discontinued Instrument Drivers For Galaxie

June 2010 Updates

Support Period document

Updated HPLC Product Support periods document

May 2010 Updates


Service How To's

LC-S-2010008 AS Needle and Seal
LC-S-2010007 FLD Shipping Leak Sensor
LC-S-2010006 Non-interchangeable SD-1 power supplies
LC-S-2010005 AS Needle and Seal

SHT-PS335-11 Reset and search of Transverse Slit

March 2010 Updates



850MIB Firmware version 2.001 release fixes bug that in some complex networks with several subnets, could affect the communication between the PC and the MIB (see PIB)

DS_S_201005). Find the installation instruction here.
DS-S-201005 Communication Loss with GC or LC Controlled by 850-MIB
LC-S-201004 New flow cell compartment door for UV and PDA detectors

February 2010 Updates


LC-S-201002 Single wavelength PS325 offline.
LC-S-201003 940 Pressure Fluctuation

January 2010 Updates


440 Firmware version 1.31 release fixes collision issues during manufacturing. This firmware release is not needed for the field. You can find more in these release notes. In order to update the firmware on the 440 LC, you will need these instructions.

December 2009 Updates


LC-P-20090101 ProStar 410/420/430 autosampler update

November 2009 Updates


LC-S-200906 New design Pump Seals for 10mL Pump Heads Available

October 2009 Updates


440-LC Operations Manual
440-LC Service Manual

September 2009 Updates


335 Firmware version 1.05 fixes overrange error when you turn on the Vis-lamp after the D2-lamp is already on. For more information see PIB LC_S2009005

Modular Integrated driver for 440 LC. For additional Galaxie information (LBN) click here. Please note that you MUST read the LBN first. Additionally download the installation instructions here.

LC driver package Revision 9 was released. For Release Notes click here. For the Service Bulletin click here.

August 2009 Updates

Support Period document

Updated HPLC Product Support periods document

July 2009 Updates

News Flashes

SA026 UVV&PDA Detectors LC-FME-2009-003
SA027 SD-1 pump CPU LC-FME-2009-004
SA028 10mL Pump Heads with Wash LC-FS-2009-05

Pre-Installation manual

8510253100 HPLC System Pre Installation Guide

June 2009 Updates

Service Bulletins

LC_S2009003 New driver version for the 900-Series HPLC

Part Numbered Kits

8510251800 PS410 A/S PM instructions

April 2009 Updates

Service Bulletins

DS-S-2009-08 MIB 850 Issues with an autosampler connected to a pump


325 Handheld Software HPLC Control for Pocket PC2002 v2.0

March 2009 Updates
Operators Manuals

2100 ELSD Operational Manual ver 1.3

2100 ELSD Ice Operational Manual ver 1.5

PS 325 Operators Manual ver 1 

PS 335 Operators Manual ver 1

PS 380 & 385 ELSD Service Manual ver 1.1

PS 350-352 Operators Manual ver 2 

PS 355 Operators Manual ver1 

PS 356 Operators Manual ver 1 

PS 210-218 Operational Manual ver 5 

PS 220-240 Operators Manual ver 3 

SD-1 Operators Manual ver 4 

SD-2 Operators manual ver 1 

Part Numbered Kits

85-102481-00 Syringe Kit Instructions


MIB (900 Electronic Wire Diagram)

Mains Power Supply (900 Electronic Wire Diagram)

UV-Vis Detector sync (900 Electronic Wire Diagram)

920-LC-Analytical (900 Electronic Wire Diagram)

940-LC-Semi-Prep/Prep (900 Electronic Wire Diagram)

Autosampler and Pump plumbing (900 Plumbing)

Autosampler and Pump plumbing (900 Plumbing)

Semi Prep Scale Up (Grad.) (900 Plumbing)

Semi Prep Productivity (900 Plumbing)

Semi Prep Productivity PDA (900 Plumbing)

Prep System (900 Plumbing)

Analytical Research (900 Plumbing)

Analytical Methods 4 system (Grad cool) (900 Plumbing)

Analytical Methods 3 system (Grad) (900 Plumbing)

Analytical Methods 1 system (Isocratic) (900 Plumbing)

Analytical Development system (900 Plumbing)

Selected Assembly Instructions for the Mixers

Selected Assembly Schematics for the PS 210-218 Pump

Selected Assembly Schematics for the SD-1 Pump

Service Bulletins

LC-FME-2009-001 ProStar 310 & 320 lamps

LC-FME-2009-002 ProStar 325 & 335 lamps

DS-S-2009-04 New version of The CommEngine_Layer_RS232_INTERFACE.(for RI & ELSD)

DS-S-2009-02 New Version of Varian ProStar 701 Fraction Collector Galaxie Driver

LC-C-2009-001 Re-release of the Re-Qualification (RQ) Package for the 900 Series LC

LC-S2009001 940-Series HPLC SUM De-bubbler Released

LC-S2009002 Mains cables for the SD-1 and ProStar 21x pumps

LC_S_2008002 Driver v 59 non conformances


440 LC Fraction Collector fraction collector diagnostic software for alignments. Use SHT-440LC-02 for instructions on how to run.

February 2009 Updates
Part Numbered Kits

85-102497-00 FL Detector Installation 920 Series

85-102505-00 440 LC Funnel Rack Installation

85-102509-00 Manual Injector Installation 940 Series

85-102510-00 Debubbler Kit Instructions

85-102517-00 SUM Option Installation 940 Series

Service How To's

SHT_900LC_01 Checking and Uninstalling the 900 Series software

SHT_900LC_02 Accessing the 900 Specialist Site (only available to specialists)

SHT_900LC_03 Configuring an ELSD and 940LC

SHT_900LC_04 Replacing the Main Power ON

SHT_900LC_05 Reenabling the second wavelength

SHT_900LC_06 Getting Serial Devices on Line with the 900 Series

SHT_900LC_07 Converting a 900 Series from 110V to 220V

SHT_900LC_08 Main PWB Removal for the 325

SHT_900LC_09 Main PWB Removal for the 335

SHT_900LC_10 Static IP details for 900

SHT_900LC_11 Configuring a virtual system to check customer method

January 2009 Updates
Part Numbered Kits

03-935462-91 Star RS 422 to 485 Comms kit

99-101388-00 210-218 Isocratic Pump PEEK Kit

99-101389-00 210-218 Binary Pump PEEK Kit

03-919079-90 220-240 GPIB Interface Installation

03-919085-90 220-240 Inlet valve replacement

03-919102-90 220-240 Piston Replacement on 230

03-919465-90 220-240 Check valve replacement

03-919496-90 220-240 Proportioning valve repair

03-919594-90 220-240 Check Valve replaceable filter

03-919600-90 220-240 Check Valve Replacement Inert

03-919604-90 220-240 Inlet Valve Replacement Inert

03-919623-90 220-240 Mixer Filter Replacement Inert

03-919624-90 220-240 Piston Seal Replacement Inert

03-919625-90 220-240 Piston Replacement Inert

03-919666-90 220-240 Solid Core Damper Installation

03-919675-90 220-240 Solid Core Pulse Damper Installation

03-919676-90 220-240 Solid Core Pulse Damper Rebuild

R0-071057-06 up to -08 SD1 Piston Replacement kit

Various PS 500 Electric Valve Installation

December 2008 Updates
Service How To's

SHT_ELSLC_01 Cleaning the ELSD

SHT_440LC_01 Reloading Calib Coefficients

SHT_440LC_02 Calibrating the Fraction Collector

SHT_500CVM Configuring a Valve

November 2008 Updates
Parts Lists Downloadable Comprehensive Parts List in Excel format (update)
Downloadable Comprehensive 920LC Parts List in Excel format
Downloadable Comprehensive 940LC Parts List in Excel format
August 2008 Updates
Service Bulletins

FS_LC_PIB200809 New Driver for PS325 and PS335
FS_LC_PIB200808 900 Series New Driver and EtOH fill
FS_LC_PIB200807 LC detectors close to the end of support period
FS_LC_PIB200806 940 series pump refill time issue
SALCS200811 Movement of Pump Heads
SALCS200810 Power configuration on Pumps
SALCS200809 920LC Waiting for Injection Hangup
SALCS200808 New driver and EtOH
DSS-2008-08 Varian PS325 and 335 New Galaxie Driver
LCP-2008-03 Standalone Software Control for the 356
LCP-2008-05 Discontinuance of ELS 2100 and ELS 2100ICE
LCP-2008-06 Intro PS380 and PS385
LCS-2008-03 Universal Gas Adaptor kit ELSD
LCS-2008-04 Firmware Upgrade PS 356

Service How To's

SHT_PS325_01 Wavescan Procedure
SHT_PS325_02 Connecting with Crossover Cable dynamic
SHT_PS325_03 Connecting with Crossover Cable static
SHT_PS325_04 Lamp Counts
SHT_PS325_05 Wavelength Accuracy Test
SHT_PS325_06 Vis Lamp Installation
SHT_PS325_07 Lamp Calibration
SHT_PS325_08 0T Calibration
SHT_PS325_09 Cell Length Ratio Test
SHT_PS335_01 Uploading Calibration Coefficients
SHT_PS335_02 Gain and 0T Calibration
SHT_PS335_03 Wavescan Procedure
SHT_PS335_04 Lamp Intensity Test
SHT_PS335_05 Crossover cable and static IP
SHT_PS335_06 Crossover cable and dynamic IP
SHT_PS335_07 Wavelength Accuracy Test
SHT_PS335_08 Calibration & Alignment of Slits
SHT_PS335_09 Power Supply LED & Testing
SHT_PS363_01 Optical Alignment Procedure
Varian 210 and 218 Pump Voltage Conversion Instructions
SHT_Galaxie_01 Opening a CFG file


900 Series driver v 39
900 Series Help disk
HPLC System Drivers (VarianLCRev4)

Service Manuals

Modular Service DVD (900MB Large File)
900 series Pre-Installation Manual

April 2008 Updates
Service Manuals

920 Series Analytical HPLC (40.7MB Large File)

940 Series Semi-Prep/Prep HPLC (21.1 MB Large File)

ProStar 356 Refractive Index Detector

2100 Evaporative Light Scattering

2100 Ice Evaporative Light Scattering


356 Firmware v 2.02 update

November 2007 Updates
Software 325 Firmware v2.06 update
New 335 Driver v1.4.1.5 available on the Web only
October 2007 Updates
Service Bulletin DSS-2005-18 Communication Bus and ProStar 701Control with Galaxie
DSS-2007-12 Galaxie PDA Issue
DSS-2007-14 Galaxie Point to Point Calibration Issue
DSS-2007-07 Galaxie Bugs
FS-PL-HPLC-01 New version of PL-ELS 2100 & 2100ICE firmware now available
335 Calibrate Alignment Slits procedure
September 2007 Updates
Tech Tips

Detector Cell Volumes table

HPLC tubing table

Maximum Injection Volume table

Service & Support Support Periods document update
August 2007 Updates
Service Alert

SALCS-2007-04 PS 210 pumphead spring breakage

SALCS-2007-05 LC Systems with multiple detectors where one is unused

Service Bulletin LCS-2007-06 PS 410 frost issue
July 2007 Updates
FAQ Driver updates
Parts List Downloadable Comprehensive Parts List in Excel format
June 2007 Updates
Service Alert

SALCS-2007-03 PS 325 driver version clarification

Service Bulletin

LCS-2007-05 New PolyVerify Version (51) release

LCS-2007-04 PS 325 & PS 335 New Drivers

LCS-2004-10 Excessive Grease on 210/218 Pump heads (Old Note)

Service Manuals and others

HPLC Product Support Periods

March 2007 Updates
Galaxie Support

Galaxie 1.9 Firmware Requirements

Service Alert

SALCS-2007-02 PS 325 Driver issues and Beta version (

SALCS-2007-01 Production issues with D2 Lamps (batch 06-12)

Service Bulletin

LCS-2007-03 PS 701 Flow Delay Function

Spare Parts List

Consolidated Cables Parts List

February 2007 Updates
Galaxie Support

HPLC Galaxie Drivers

Galaxie Support Specialists by region

Service Bulletin

LCS-2007-02 PS410 Horizontal Needle arm errors

Star Support

Star WS Drivers

Troubleshooting/Maintenance Test

PS 410 Horizontal Movement Bush Replacement Procedure

December 2006 Updates
Service Bulletin  DSS-2007-03 Galaxie and IE 7 Hang-up issues
Spare Parts

 PS 500 (CVM) Spare Parts List

  PS 510 Column Oven Parts List (Updated)

 PS 520 DHPLC Column Oven Spares 

 Pumphead Consumables


Troubleshooting/Maintenance Test

PS 325 Converting to Dual View instructions

PS 325 Vis Lamp Upgrade Installation

PS 335 Hg Calibration Test

PS 363 Optics Alignment

November 2006 Updates
Tech Tips & Definitions

ELSD Starting Conditions

ELSD Volatile Buffers and Mobile Phase Modifiers

Troubleshooting/Error Codes

Winsock Error 10054

October 2006 Updates
Service Bulletin

LCS-2007-01 PS 325 Firmware v 2.03, Drivers v, LCVerify/Diagnostics v 2(23)

DSS-2007-02 Comm loss on Acquisition Server with PS410 and Galaxie 


PS 325 Latest Drivers, Firmware, LC Verify (Drivers ver, Firmware ver 2.03, LC Verify ver 2.0(23)

Tech Tips & Definitions

Advantages of Smaller ID columns

HPLC troubleshooting

IUPAC Definitions of LOD, LOQ and LOI

Solvent Eluent Viscosities 

Solvent Elution Strengths, Polarities and UV Cutoffs

Solvent Resistance of Some Polymers

Tubing and Column Volumes

September 2006 Updates

Service Bulletin

DSS-2006-07 Fixing Galaxie Server Settings & Tool

LCS-2006-19 Modified Flow Cells and Fittings

Spare Parts

PS 210, 215 & 218 mixers

PS 210, 215 & 218 pump heads

PS 330 Diode Array Detector

PS 363 Fluorescence Detector

August 2006 Updates
Service Tools

Video: Optics Assembly removal 

Video: Optics Assembly installation

Video: Power Supply

Video: PWB Remove

Video: PWB installation

Video: UV Lamp replacement

Video: D2 Lamp replacement

Troubleshooting/Maintenance Test

PS 325 Lamp Calibration Test in Galaxie

PS 325 Error Codes List

July 2006 Updates
Service Alert

SALCS-2006-06 PS 420 & PS 430 Mainboard cable and adapter part number

Service Forms

HPLC System PM

Tech Support Request instructions

CR Request Form

RMA Request Link

Service manuals

Instrument Log Book

Troubleshooting Test

0% T Calibration

PS 325 Lamp Intensity Test

PS 325/335 Vis Lamp Replacement Procedure

PS 325 Wavelength Accuracy Test

PS 335 Wavescan Test Procedure

PS 335 Wavelength Accuracy Test

PS 335 Error code Table

PS 363 Fluorescence Detector Calibration

General HPLC Troubleshooting


June 2006 Updates
Service Manuals & Others

HPLC System Pre installation Guide

PS 701 Fraction Collector Manual

PS 704 Fraction Collector Manual

PS 500 Valve Module Manual, PS 520 Column Oven Manual

PS 530 Fluidics Module Manual

PS 310 UV-Vis Manual, PS 320 UV-Vis Manual

PS 330 DAD Manual

PS 340 Single Wavelength Detector

PS 345 Dual Wavelength Detector

Troubleshooting Test

Power Supply Test for the PS 325/335 Detectors

PS 320 Optics Cleaning Instructions

PS 325 Optics Cleaning Instructions

May 2006 Updates
Service Alert

SALCS-2006-04 IR Window upgrade & Spare parts for PS 355 & ELS 2100

SALCS-2006-05 (LCS-2006-15) Discontinue Beam Alignment Test

Service Bulletin

DSS-2006-06 Galaxie 1.9 and overwriting data files

LCS-2006-16 Analog Attenuation Bug in Galaxie 1.9

Service Manuals & Others

LC Regulatory documentation (IQ, OQ, PQ) for Star Systems

Software Qualification Planning Guide for Galaxie Systems

DB Software Plug-in IQ/OQ Guide for Galaxie Systems

LC Control Software IQ/OQ Guides for Galaxie Systems

PS 355 Service Manual Refractive Index Detector

Spare Parts

PS 355 RI Detector

PS 701 Fraction Collector

PS 704 Fraction Collector

Troubleshooting Test

New troubleshooting section for the PS 325/335 with instrument tests.

Beam Test

325 Wavescan Test

Galaxie Error Messages and Solutions

April 2006 Updates
Forms Autosampler Return Form
Service Bulletin LCS-2006-13 PS 210 Pump stoppage with a 701 fraction Collector in Galaxie

DSS-2006-05 PS210 Pump triggering issue with first run of a Galaxie sequence.

Software Galaxie 1.9 LC Drivers (04/2006) & Drivers content list
Spare Parts ELS 2100 Detector
March 2006 Updates
Service Alert SALCS-2006-03 Exchange detector decal and Dual Wavelength processor board PN
Service Bulletin

DSS-2006-04 210 Pump behavior at end of run

LCS-2006-12 PS325 and Galaxie display error

DSS-2006-02 PS325 and Galaxie 1.8 hang-ups

Software Galaxie 1.9 LC Drivers (03/2006) & Drivers content list
February 2006 Updates
Service Manuals

PS 510 Column Oven                        LCPal User Manual

PS 370 Electrochemical Detector        PS Wiring Guide

PS 400 Galaxie Driver Manual

Service Bulletin

LCS-2006-11 PS325 Star Hang-ups patch for V2

LCS-2006-10R PS325 LC Verify & LC Diagn. V2 issues ReRelease

LCS-2006-10 PS325 LC Verify & LC Diagnostics V2 issues

LCS-2006-09 PS325 V2 and Galaxie 1.9 issues

Service Tools

Un Hiding additional LC Verify functionality

HPLC System information Program

RLP1 Program (Basic IP and firmware detector)


Galaxie 1.9 upgrade notes

325ModuleDriverV2 PS 325 patch for Star and V2 Firmware systems

Spare Parts List

PS 210/218 Pump                         Mixers (Various)                

PS 310 UV Detector                      RAMPAK

PS 220-240 Pump                         PS 400 Autosampler

PS 220-240 Pump Accessories 

PS 510 Column Oven

Spark Holland Products

V2 Install instructions V2 install instructions
January 2006 Updates
Service Manuals Pump Service Manuals
Service Bulletin

LCS-2006-06 Re-Release of V2 

LCS-2006-07 (PS410-430 spindle fix)

LCS-2006-08 (PS325/335 Serial numbers)

Spare Parts Lists

PS410 - 430 Autosamplers

PS325 & 335 UV-Vis Detector

PS350 RI Spare Parts List

PS352 & Star 9042 Spare Parts List

PS360 Flourescence Spare Parts List


December 2005 Updates
Service Manuals

Autosampler Service Manuals

PS 325/335 Detector Manuals

Software New Version 2 325 Firmware with installation directions

Galaxie 1.8B CDS Service Pack Notes. and link (click here.) for additional Galaxie information and updates 

Updated Service Bulletin

LCS-2006-05 PS325 V2 Firmware and Drivers Release

LCS-2006-04 PS325/335 Resetting the IP address

LCS-2006-03 PS325 Determining an Unknown IP address

LCS-2006-02 PS335 Signal Overrange

LCS-2006-01 Error in 4 x 0.15 Flow Cell assembly

All the Service notes (back to 2004) have been added to the site.



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