Varian LC Notes and Bulletins

Bulletins Notes
900 LC

LC-201001 900-LC price changes and obsolete parts

LC-S-201008 AS Needle and Seal

LC-S-201007 FLD Shipping Leak Sensor

LC-S-201005 AS Needle and Seal

LC-S-201003 940 Pressure Fluctuation

LC-P-200905 Two New Configurations and Driver

LC-S-200903 900 Series Updates

LC-P-200903 Field Upgrade Kits

LC-S-200901 940-Series HPLC SUM De-bubbler Released

LC-SALES-PIB01 900LC series accessories

LC-S-200802 Driver v 59 non conformances

LC-S-200801 900 Series V 59 Driver release

LC-S-200805 920-LC RI Supervisor Chip

LC-P-200811 OS and Driver compatibility issues

FS-LC-PIB200808 900 Series New Driver and EtOH fill

FS-LC-PIB200806 940 series pump refill time issue

LC-P-200807 Changes to Ordering Matrix

SALCS-200812 Passing RI Detector Drift on 900 Series

SALCS-200809 920LC Waiting for Injection Hangup

SALCS-200808 New driver and EtOH

SALCS-200807 RJ45 connectors on 900LC may be damaged

SALCS-200806 Caffeine solutions for 900 Series

Bulletins Notes

LC-S-201006 Non-interchangeable SD-1 power supplies

LC-S-200906 New design Pump Seals for 10mL Pump Heads Available

DS-S-200920 Galaxie PrepStar SD-1 driver

LC-FS-200905 10mL Pump Heads with Wash

LC-P-200902 Ordering Procedure SD-1 Pumps

LC-S-200902 Mains cables for the SD-1 and PS 21x pumps

DS-S-200815 PS310 and PS220_230_240 new drivers

FS-LC-PIB200702 PS 210 pump head issue

DS-S-200605 PS 210 Pump triggering issue with first run of a Galaxie sequence

LC-S-200613 PS 210 Pump stoppage with a 701 fraction Collector

DS-S-200604 PS 210 Pump behaviour at end of run

LC-S-200410 Excessive grease in PS 210/218 Pump heads

LC-S-200304 SD1 Stepper Motor

LC-S-200301 Pump Hiss with 100 150 mm RamPak

LC-S-200210 PS 210 218 Piston Sticking in 25ml heads

LC-S-200207 PS 218 Pumps and incorrect fuses

LC-F-ME-200904 SD-1 pump CPU

SALCS-200811 Movement of Pump Heads

SALCS-200810 Power configuration on Pumps

SALCS-200704 PS210 Pump Head spring breakage

Bulletins Notes

LC-S-201004 New flow cell compartment door for UV and PDA detectors

LC-S-201002 Single wavelength PS325 offline

LC-S-200905 New version of PS335 firmware

DS-S-200904 Comm Engine Patch for the 356 and ELSD

LC-P-200813 PS356 Driver Update

FS-LC-PIB200809 New Driver for PS325 and PS335

FS-LC-PIB200807  Support LC detectors close to end of support period

LC-S-200804 Firmware Upgrade PS 356

LC-S-200803 Universal Gas Adaptor kit ELSD

DS-S-200808  Varian PS325 and 335 New Galaxie Driver

LC-P-200806 Intro PS380 and PS385

LC-P-200805 Discontinuance of ELS 2100 and ELS 2100ICE

LC-P-200803 Standalone Software Control for the PS 356

FS-LC-PIB200803 New Version of PolyVewrify and PS335 Firmware

LC-P-200811 Discontinuation of PS 363 Fluorescence Detector

FS-LC-PIB200802 PS software disks no longer available

FS-LC-PIB200801 PS335 DualArray Calibration

FS-LC-PIB200703 Foggy Optics service policy

FS-PL-HPLC-01 New version of PL-ELS 2100(ice) firmware

LC-200702 PS356 Introduction PIB

LC-200703 PS356 Standalone Software Control

LC-S-200705 New PolyVerify Version (51) release

LC-S-200704 PS325 & PS335 New Driver Release

LC-S-200701 Firmware v2.03 & Drivers v1.10.2.3

LC-P-200606 Galaxie driver for ELSD

LC-S-200619 Modified Flow Cells and Fittings part numbers

LC-S-200617 Flow cells and fittings

LC-S-200616 PS325 Analog Attenuation Bug in Galaxie 1.9

LC-S-200615 Beam alignment

LC-S-200612 PS325 and Galaxie display error

DS-S-200602 PS 325 and Galaxie 1.8 hang-ups

LC-S-200611 PS325 Star Hang-ups Patch for V2 Firmware

LC-S-200610R PS325 LC Verify & LC Diagnostics V2 (RERELEASE)

LC-S-200609 PS325 V2 firmware and Galaxie 1.9 issues

LC-S-200608 PS325/335 2nd Serial Number Placement on front of unit

LC-S-200606 PS325 V2 Re-Release

LC-S-200605 PS325 V2 Firmware and Drivers Release

LC-S-200604 PS325/335 Resetting the IP address

LC-S-200603 PS325 Determining an Unknown IP address

LC-S-200602 PS335 Signal Overrange

LC-S-200601 Error in assembly of some of the 4X0.15 Inert Flow Cells

LC-P-200507 PS355 release

LC-S-200503 PS325/335 Power Supply Loom Intermittent Fault

DS-S-200510 335 Star 6.4 polyview key

LC-S-200502  PS325/335 Instruments Dropout or Reset (losing comms)

LC-S-200501 PS325 UV/Vis Detector Vis Lamp Change

LC-S-200407 PS325 Peak Height Changes when both lamps are on

LC-P-200405 PS335 Introduction

LC-S-200404 PS325 Firmware upgrade eliminates beam balance test

LC-S-200403 PS325 Unexpected chromatographic behaviour (Neg Peaks)

LC-P-2313 PS325 Introduction PIB

LC-S-200402 PS325 Firmware Upgrade: Using the Tuckerterm Utility

LC-S-200211 PS 363 exploding Xenon Arc Lamps

LC-F-ME-200903 UVV&PDA Detectors

LC-F-ME-200902 PS325 & 335 lamps

LC-F-ME-200901 PS310 & 320 lamps

SALCS-200805 PS325 and PS335 use of both lamps

SALCS-200804 PS325 and PS335 exchange detectors

SALCS-200803 Multi detector 335 driver (updated)

SALCS-200802 PS335 Dual Array Calibration

SALCS-200801 Firmware fix for zero order problem

SALCS-200705 multi detector systems where one is unused

SALCS-200703 PS325 driver version clarification

SALCS-200702 PS325 Driver issues and availability of beta

SALCS-200701 D2 Lamp production problem

SALCS-200605 Discontinuation of the Beam Alignment Test 

SALCS-200604 IR window upgrade & parts for PS355/ELS2100

SALCS-200603 PS325 Dual wavelength processor board PN &
Refurbish stickers for exchange detectors announcement 

SALCS-200602 PS325 V2 Re Release

SALCS-200601 PS325 V2 Hold

Bulletins Notes

LC-P-20090101 ProStar 410/420/430 autosampler update

FS-LC-PIB200701 PS410 frost issue

LC-S-200702 PS410 Horizontal Needle arm errors

DS-S-200702 Comm loss on Acquisition Server with PS410 and Galaxie

LC-S-200607 PS410, PS420, PS430 Squeaky Spindle Solution

LC-S-200307part2 PS410/420/430 Installation sheet syringe spindle

LC-S-200307part1 PS410/420/430 transport block assembly

LC-S-200303 PS430 Plate Holder Modification

LC-S-200302 Form for autosampler return

SALCS-200606 PS 420/430 Main board cable and adaptor PN's

LCSA-200101 PS430 Automix Routine error

Bulletins Notes

DS-S-201005 Communication Loss with GC or LC Controlled by 850-MIB

LC-S-201001 440 LC FW v1.31

LC-C-200905 Varian 440-LC Fraction Collector AIQ Package

LC-P-200909 Obsolete PS701/704 out of stock and Discontinued

DS-S-200918 How to Disable the 850-MIB Analog Input Buffering

LC-P-200908 440LC Release

DS-S-200914 850-MIB Analog Inputs Linearity Unacceptable

LC-P-200906 Obsolescence of the PS701/704 Fraction Collector

LC-P-200904 Release of New Pre-configured Solvent Delivery Systems

DS-S-200908 MIB850 comms issues with A/S connected to pump

DS-S-200902 New Version of Varian PS701 Galaxie Driver

DH-P-200805 Introducing the New 850-MIB Data Systems Interface

DS-S-200901 New Version of 800 MIB TTLIO Driver is now Available

LC-S-200703 PS701Flow Delay Function

LC-S-200613 PS210 Pump stoppage with a PS701 fraction Collector

DS-S-200518 Communication Bus and PS 701Control with Galaxie

LC-S-200408  LC Service DVD is Available

LC-S-200405 PS701 New H rev firmware for the EPROM

LC-S-200401 New Serial communication cable for Galaxie and Star

LC-S-200216 CVM 500 Valve Selection with Star

LC-S-200215 PS 701 EPROM for 100mV signal peak detection

LC-S-200212 PS701 Rev E EPROM time window problem

LC-S-200208 PS 701 Rev D EPROM

LC-S-200202 PS 500 CVM selection valve issues

LC-S-200106 Six-Column SST Switching Valve Problems on PS500 CVM

DH-F-2008183 Streaming Video of Recorded WebEx on 850-MIB
and Scheduler V2
Bulletins Notes

DH-P-201005 Galaxie Scheduler 2010

DH-P-201003 Galaxie MatchCompare v1.5

DS-S-200929 It is Now Possible to Prevent the Nexus File Corruption

DS-S-200923 Generic Column Tracker Driver for Galaxie Updated

DS-S-200922 Galaxie 1.9 SP3 Upgrade Available

DS-S-200921 Up-To-Date Galaxie 1.9.X.X On Service/Sales Laptop

DH-P-200907 Galaxie DB 1.2 Now Shipping

DS-S-200917 A New Galaxie Database System Manual is now Available

DS-S-200916 Column Tracker Driver for Galaxie Updated

DH-P-200906 Galaxie 1.9 SP2b Now Shipping

DS-S-200907 How to Contact Galaxie Technical Support

DS-S-200904 New version of CommEngine_Layer_RS232_INTERFACE

DS-S-200818 Two Issues Relative to the NI-488.2 GPIB Driver 2.5

DH-P-200807 PIB Galaxie 1.9 SP2a Now Shipping

DH-P-200806 Updated Galaxie Resource DVD

DH-P-200804 Introducing the New Galaxie

GENERAL-PIB01 OS Compatibility and Computer Recommendations

DS-S-200814 Patch for Galaxie 1.9 SP2 Solving the Following Issues

FS-LC-PIB200805 Support LC drivers Star workstation no longer available

DS-S-200714 Galaxie Point to Point Calibration Issue

DS-S-200712 Galaxie PDA Issue

DS-S-200707 Galaxie Bugs

MS-S-200705 DELL PC ownership transfer

DS-S-200703 Galaxie and IE 7 Hangup issues

DS-S-200607 Galaxie server settings fix (download tool)

DS-S-200606 Galaxie 1.9 and overwriting data files

DS-S-200518 Communication Bus and PS701 Control with Galaxie

LC-S-200504 Current Firmware Versions For All LC Equipment

DS-S-200505 Galaxie support

DS-S-200503 Galaxie XP SP2

LC-S-200401 New Serial communication cable for Galaxie and Star

DH-F-201006 Discontinued Instrument Drivers For Galaxie

DH-F-201004 New lead for Galaxie Database

DH-F-201003 Discontinued Galaxie Parts

DH-F-200906 Updated Data Handling Part/Price List

DH-F-200903 Updated Data Handling Part/Price List

DH-F-200816 Three Product Introduction Bulletins on Galaxie

DH-F-200815 Use of Galaxie 1.9SP2 with the Vista Operating

DH-F-200621 Star upgrade to Galaxie

DH-F-200620 Introducing the Galaxie for Preparative HPLC
White Paper

DH-F-200515 Star Workstation Will Be Discontinued

Bulletins Notes

LC-C-200905 Varian 440LC AIQ

LC-C-200904 Galaxie Validation Reports

LC-C-200902 Varian 900LC Qualification Package Update

LC-C-200901 Varian 900LC re-Qualification Package

DH-C-200802 Introducing Galaxie Validation Protocol

DH-C-200801 Introducing New Galaxie Validation Documents

COMPLIANCE-PIB01 AIQ available on Mars

COMPLIANCE-PIB12 900LC qualification package Galaxie 1.9SP1 released

COMPLIANCE-PIB04 Wavelength Accuracy Test Spec error



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