AIQ - Analytical Instrument Qualification

Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ) is the documented evidence that an instrument is fit for its intended purpose. Use of a qualified instrument in analyses contributes to confidence in the validity of generated data.

Varian, Inc.'s Analytical Instrument Qualification package is highly valued by customers that operate in a regulated environment. By purchasing the Varian AIQ package, customers can save time and money and instead of developing their own documentation, focus their labour force on other value-added tasks. The AIQ documentation provides an audit trail of compliance in order to satisfy the requirements of regulatory agencies and other organizations, and maximizes productivity through qualification testing that shows the instrument is performing according to operational specifications.

Our customers understand that Varian's AIQ package is more than just the labour content provided by the person delivering the service there is the backdrop of a complete organization with its own inherent quality practices, months of work involved in the preparation of the material, and years of experience and training in our field people. There is little or no hardware attached to this product, yet it is as valuable to our customers as the results that our instruments produce.

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Ordering information

Description Part number

900-LC Series Analytical Instrument Qualification. Includes installation qualification, operational qualification, AIQ overview and OQ software CD-ROM.


900-LC Series Analytical Instrument Re-qualification. Includes operational qualification and OQ software CD-ROM.


AIQ Overview


Documents for internal review (no customer distribution)

Installation Qualification with 'Review Only' watermark for Varian 900-LC


Operational Qualification with 'Review Only' watermark for Varian 900-LC


Varian Liquid Chromatography Regulatory Compliance Documentation (for HPLC modules)


Installation/ Operation qualification protocol for Varian 440-LC Fraction Collector


Qualification Workbook for Varian 356-LC Refractive Index Detector


Qualification Protocol with 'Review Only' watermark for the Load & Lock laboratory scale preparative HPLC columns




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